To change Account picture in Windows 10

1.Go to Start

2.Click on your account name and picture change account settings


4.Click on Browse option


5.Browse the file and select required image


6.Now you can see your account picture


7.close this window

Congratulations …… Your Account picture has been changed successfully!!


Using HTML5 Validations in ASP.NET Webforms

Now with introduction of HTML5 you can use HTML5 validations in C # .NET webforms .

Validations like -Required field validations and Regular Expression validations are now simpler with HTML5.By Now all most all Browsers with there latest versions ,do support HTML5 tags and syntex.So you can rely upon HTML5 for client side validations.

Here is one of the best links i can find which will help You with basics of HTML5 Validations. How to use html5 validation in…. click here



CMS Website Design (Content Management System)

A CMS or Content management system is a Non-technical way to handle or manage website.Using CMS ,non-technical users can be Administrator ,in other words they can change the look and feel of their website ,Add -Update or Delete contents.Add new images or fields .

Everything on a CMS website can be customized easily without the knowledge of any web designing technology like HTML or CSS or any other technology….

Responsive web designing

RWD is technique of designing a website with with respond to web browser according to users device. With no defined width and resolutions ,a web site designed with RWD adjusts itself according to screen resolution and here there is no need for horizontal scrolls .No zoom in or out in normal cases . What ever device or browser you are using ,A web site designed with Responsive web designing concepts fits itself to the best.